Thainá Landim de Barros, DVM, MS, PhD

Thainá Landim de Barros, DVM, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Poultry Health Extension Specialist
208 Gerlaugh Hall, Wooster, OH 44691
Degree Information: 
PhD - Poultry Science, University of Arkansas (2022)
MS - Animal Sciences, São Paulo State University (2017)
DVM - São Paulo State University (2014)

Thainá Landim de Barros is an Assistant Professor and Poultry Health Extension Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences, Center for Food Animal Health. Thainá is from Brazil, where she obtained her DVM degree and Master's degree in Animal Science from the College of Veterinary Medicine of Araçatuba at the São Paulo State University (FMVA/UNESP). In 2018, Thainá started her Ph.D. in Poultry Science at the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, completed in 2022. In August of 2022, she joined the Ohio State University. She focuses on assisting poultry veterinarians, producers, and the poultry industry in ensuring poultry health, welfare, and food safety, improving the resilience and sustainability of the poultry industry.

Additional Information: 

Dr. Landim de Barros has always been passionate about animal health, welfare, and public health. She also has been very interested in sustainable development, considering our society’s well-being and needs, economic prosperity, and preserving nature. Poultry health and production is very dynamic, global, and integrates different areas – that is why she decided to work in this field. She wants to understand the farmers’ and the industry’s needs and bring research to assist them with potential challenges and opportunities for improvement. Dr. Landim de Barros wants to collaborate in improving the resilience of poultry production in Ohio, from commercial to backyard producers, assisting them to be ready to answer and adapt to future challenges, including infectious diseases, demands from our society, and climate change. She also is looking forward to collaborating with other professors and researchers to bring real solutions to our farmers. Dr. Landim de Barros holds a 50% position in CFAH as well as the Department of Animal Sciences.

Research Area(s): 

Effective management strategies to improve poultry health and welfare

Early detection of signs of disease in poultry flocks

Improve the resilience of poultry production systems

One Health

Extension Specialization(s): 

Poultry Health Extension Specialist