Triway Junior High School students learn about virology through Dr. Kenney’s Pathogen Punishers Outreach and Extension Program

May. 9, 2022

On May 6th, Dr. Scott Kenney and Kush Kumar Yadav shared the career of virology with Triway Junior High School students via Dr. Kenney’s Pathogen Punishers Outreach and Extension Program. Together they presented “Ask a Virologist” and “Microbes Make the World Go ‘round” to over 250 Junior High students. This program helps introduce students to a career in virology with aspects pertaining to agriculture and One Health. Dr. Kenney and Kush also spoke with the Medical Detectives students and facilitated a hand hygiene experiment to help students observe which microbes grow on their hands before and after using hand sanitizer. This program helps to expose students to potential career opportunities and shows them how virology and agriculture are linked, all while presenting science topics in a fun way.

Dr. Kenney and Kush Yadav showing students a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), explaining biosafety level 3 (BSL3), and answering student questions.   Dr. Kenney giving an overview of what virologists do and tossing toy “viruses” to students willing to share their ideas of what a virologist has studied during their education.