CFAH Affiliate Membership

Food Animal Health Building

CFAH welcomes affiliate membership from OSU faculty or outside investigators having programs and/or expertise that contribute to the CFAH research on emerging pathogens, zoonoses, and microbial contamination of food and the environment that threaten agriculture productivity, sustainability, and public health worldwide. CFAH’s research focus is on infectious disease pathogenesis.  


  • Opportunity to enhance broader impacts (graduate and postdoc training, functional genomics, vaccines and therapeutics and high consequence pathogens research and research activities) in joint CFAH collaborative activities including co-authored grant applications and publications with CFAH faculty. 
  • Access to the CFAH equipment and facilities resources for collaborative studies with CFAH faculty. Listing CFAH facilities and equipment in collaborative grant proposals 
  • Will have opportunity to serve on CFAH committees, participate in the CFAH activities and contribute to effective governance of CFAH 
  • Participate in CFAH seminar course planning and organizing 


  • Collaborative research with CFAH faculty members 
  • Listing CFAH (0% Award, 0% Expenditures) on ePA-005. 
  • Service on CFAH committees and CFAH activities. 
  • Attendance at CFAH seminars - Attendance at CFAH seminars - The CFAH Seminar Series is a weekly informational session. Day and time are TBD. Members of the CFAH community, as well as any interested faculty (including non-OSU faculty) and graduate students are encouraged and welcome to speak. If you are interested in giving a presentation, please contact 


How to Become an Affiliate Member

Send the following information to See our individual faculty profiles on our People page for examples.

  • Your work title and department
  • Office number or building
  • A biography of your work and educational history
  • Your research interests or 3 areas of expertise and how they coincide with that of CFAH faculty to enhance collaborations

Applications will be reviewed by the CFAH faculty and acceptance to CFAH will be based on:

  • Significant documented contributions in the related/relevant research field

  • Willingness to contribute time and effort to CFAH services and scientific programs
  • Potential for joint collaborations with CFAH faculty


If you would like more information please contact our Interim Director, Dr. Aradhya Gourapura via