Graduate Student Travel Award

Applications are now open for the 2024 Dr. Redman CFAH Graduate Student Travel Award

Background: This funding is provided for a competitive travel award open to students actively performing research in the Center for Food Animal Health. One student per lab can apply for the travel award for calendar year 2024 and will be evaluated by a committee chosen by CFAH faculty.

Eligibility: Full-time Masters and PhD graduate students whose major advisor is a faculty member at CFAH who will be presenting at a conference.

Application materials:

  1. An application letter including the following information:
    • Date of application

    • Name and email of the traveler

    • Oral or poster presentation

    • Conference name, website, dates, and location.

    • What do you hope to get out of attending and presenting at this conference?

  2. Applicant’s current curriculum vitae
  3. A recommendation letter signed by the student’s faculty advisor
  4. A confirmation email or letter for the acceptance of abstract by the conference organizer, indicating oral or poster presentation (otherwise will be considered as poster)

Available awards and conditions:

One award of $500 will be granted annually to one student in each lab depending on availability of funds.

  • Preference will be given to oral presentations. In meetings where poster presentations are the only choice, the requests will be considered similar to an oral presentation. However, documentation should be presented.
  • No priority for international or national conferences.

One student in each lab is eligible once per calendar year. They should not apply if they have received another travel award for the same conference. You should not apply if you received this award in 2023. Eligible for any meetings in 2024.

Applications can be emailed to or