Facilities and Resources


Center for Food Animal Health Laboratories FAHRP Building

CFAH has a number of laboratory and animal holding facilities capable of accommodating the unique research needs of the faculty investigators including a gnotobiotic facility that has been instrumental in the discovery of new microbes and their pathogenicity as well as in development of vaccines. CFAH also has AALAC accredited laboratory animal and germ-free facilities for the procurement and maintenance of germfree food animals and a specific-pathogen-free chicken and turkey flocks. These resources are invaluable for the study of infectious diseases of food animals.


Plant and Animal Agrosecurity Research Facility (PAAR) PAAR

The Plant and Animal Agrosecurity Research (PAAR) facility is a highly secure biocontainment building for conducting research with organisms that cause diseases in animals classified at biosafety level 3 (BSL-3 and/or BSL-3 Ag). It is also used for working with plant diseases that could cause undue economic hardship on agriculture if released into the environment.



Disciplines & Technologies

A variety of disciplines are utilized including microbiology, immunology, pathology, epidemiology, and environmental sciences. Studies are conducted at the animal, organ, cellular and molecular levels. Technologies used include: tissue culture, embryo inoculation, serological techniques, monoclonal antibodies, nucleic acid probes, PCR, sequencing, immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, and flow cytometry.